Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CF WOD: Run 800M, 15 burpees x 4

CF WOD: Run 800M (.5 mile), 15 burpees x 4
Total time: 23:21

Run splits:

Pretty pleased with these run splits. Felt strong and pushed hard for each half mile.  The burpees were tough coming off the tready. I don't love them :). The first set was the fastest and the third the slowest. Managed to pick up both the run and the burpees for the last set. Pushed the treadmill speed to 7:30 to start each interval. Took a good 20 seconds or more for it to get up to speed. Finished at least 2 of the intervals at sub 6 minute mile pace. Hit these hard and tried not to let up.

I could be entirely delusional at this point, but I'm feeling very positive about AZ. At the very least, I'm gonna have fun with it and enjoy the experience and the vacation time afterwards.

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  1. your gonna have a great time & race in AZ!