Monday, November 01, 2010

13.1 mile run | 100 push ups for time

13.1 mile run
Total time: 1:54:59
AHR 142 / MHR 163

Today was supposed to be rest but, because I'm traveling to NYC this week for a conference I needed to get this big run done. Would have been nice to do this outside, but the days are just too short and there's just too much going on to carve out 2 plus hours of daylight to run. So, this was done on the treadmill. In my basement. While watching the SF Giants beat Texas to win the World Series. Thank god for my iTouch! Music in my ears definitely helped to make the time go by. Running to go nowhere is sooo boring!

The total run time is a personal best for me at this distance. I did get off the treadmill twice to answer the call of nature. Once at 4 mile and again at 8.5. I kept the pace at between 8:27 and 8:57 mile pace. My goal was to keep under 9 minutes for the duration. I spent most of the time around 8:40. In last mile to mile and a half, I tried to push the pace finishing the run at a 7:12 mile pace. This turned out to be surprisingly manageable. The two breaks are not accounted for in the total time. They were short. Only did what I needed to do and got right back on. Consumed 3 GUs and almost 2 full bottles of water. Unbelievable amount of sweat was generated :).

Fairly immediately after the run, I did 100 push ups for time. Ouch!
Total time: 6:33


  1. Awesome time Pam! If you get a chance in NYC, give me a call 646-430-0504. Glad you are doing well.

  2. those 100 pushup wods always hurt! congrats on the run!!