Friday, November 12, 2010

Run 400M, 50 squats, Run 800M, 50 squats, Run 1600, 50 squats

Crushed it!

Total time: 18:10

Started with an easy 1 mile at 9:20 pace on the tready.

Can't believe how strong I felt doing this. Was able to push the pace on the run. Ran 7:40 avg. pace for the entire 1.8 miles and probably faster if you account for the time it takes to get the treadmill up to speed. On the final 1 mile interval, I was able to keeping pushing the button to get below 7 minute pace to finish up the mile. The squats felt effortless.

I did this workout on October 29th for total time of 19:46 so this is marked improvement over that last effort!

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  1. things are looking great for your race!