Monday, August 09, 2010

Breaking through the inertia...

30 minute run3x12 back extensions
3 sets of full unassisted pull ups  (4, 1-1, 3)

alternated sets of pull ups and back extensions

Okay, so I decided to head out for a short run this evening just to feel out the hamstring. Figured I could disguise the run as a walk if the hammy started to bark at me. Range of motion has been increasingly better with the prescribed stretching and exercises. Figured I'd try and run for 15 minutes just to see where I'm at...

Felt good so I went for 30 minutes and covered 3.28 miles at a 9.09 minute pace. Didn't push too hard, but tried to keep it closer to 9 minute pace so long as nothing was hurting. Definitely finding a much improved stride compared with last week when it was painful to throw the left foot out front. Tonight that was not an issue. Still some discomfort when I'm sitting. Sciatic nerve still irritated but its improved.

The run was just what I needed to break the inertia. When I came back inside, I told my husband that I thought we should just keep our plan to go to Arizona in November. Its likely that the race will go on as planned. And, if it doesn't — we still want to do the Grand Canyon and mountain biking in Sedona and all that fun stuff. This is what we've planned on doing since last November and there's no point in tossing that all out for the possibility of waterless swim venue.

That said... it time to giddyup! (but carefully)

If the race is fubar, I'll just take it as it comes...

I feel better now... :)


  1. YAY! Glad you had a good run to lift the spirits! Careful,'s all about getting to the start healthy and unbroken-that's half the challenge!

  2. yay! Im happy to hear your pain is improving and that your going to do ironman arizona. I think you have a great attitude about it.

  3. Glad you are feeling better and have decided to go. I am somewhat thinking about it for next year so I would love to hear about it.