Wednesday, August 11, 2010

15 minute run TT, FRAN

7:50 p.m.
15 minute run TT x 2
1st = 1.73 miles (8:38) AHR 151
2nd = 1.75 miles (8:34) AHR 167

FRAN = 21, 15, 9 pull ups, thrusters (30#)
Total time: 7:30

I know I was only supposed to do one 15 minute TT. I started running thinking that I would do a 15 minute warm up and then run the TT.  Well I struggle with finding the easy pace these days. Once I started running and was feeling good I decided just to keep pushing for the first 15 and then just take the 2nd 15 easy.  Took a few minutes rest in between the first and the second. Again, just found it easier to run steady and push a bit. Neither set was particularly fast but the effort was good and fairly well sustained.

The hamstring felt pretty good. Maybe a tiny little twinge during the second 15 minute run, but really minor. I was prepared to shut it down at the first sign of real trouble.

It was about dark by the time I finished. I waited for the sun to start setting before I got started wanting it to be much cooler. Pretty sweaty affair...

Afterwards, I did FRAN. I really hate this one. I'd much rather do 4 consecutive unassisted pull ups and call it a day than the 45 half arsed ones I did during this work out. For the thrusters, I loaded 30 lbs on the bar. Want to proceed carefully with weighted squats for now so as not to aggravate the hamstring/glute. These actually went pretty well, but noticed a few twinges in bending over and lifting the bar off the floor.

Glad to be getting back at it. Seven days is a long time to NOT workout. I needed to get back at it. The rest was good though. Just wishing it had actually been more restful... :)


  1. i am not a big fan of fran either!

  2. 75# on the thrusters is awesome - I can't seem to sustain the entire circuit w/65#. And I agree w/you on the pullups. I am hooked on them lately