Tuesday, August 17, 2010

20 Min. Run TT

Covered 2.33 miles (8:35 mPH)

Ugh! The hardest part of this workout was just getting started. Finally at 8:00 PM I headed out into the dusk after all kinds of procrastinating. Wanted to warm up before cranking on the TT so ran for 15 minutes just super easy trying to get that runnin' feelin' that's so elusive these days. Everything felt nice and loose so that was good. Hit 15 minutes and pushed the TT button. My goal was to push the pace but also to manage it so I wouldn't end up needing to stop before the 20 minutes was up.

Unfortunately, I didn't get actual mile splits for this so can't be sure if I ran the first mile faster than the second of the two complete miles I covered. I felt like I was running faster than 8:35 at times but no way to know for sure.

In any case, I felt good (well, as good as one can feel when one is trying to sustain a out of comfort zone pace for 20 minutes...)

Always feels so much better to get a workout done than to still be hemming and hawing over getting it started. So far so good this week. Gonna try and stay on track right up to Sunday and then — with any luck — perform well at Litchfield Hills :)

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