Saturday, January 15, 2011

Corn is creepy!

Okay its a new year and its time to get started. I've been planning my 2011 season and have a few races nailed to the schedule so far. I'm signed up for REV3 Iron and Patriot Half Iron. Yes, I know they are two weeks apart... but if Martin can do it and then tack LP onto it just 4 weeks later — then so can I!

The training has started but I've been a bit casual about it. All good but I want to start getting more regular with it. I plan to continue crossfitting. However, I may add a bit more run, bike volume to help trim down the holiday bloat. I'm finding that the older I get, the more difficult it is to reel it back in when the numbers head north. Shame on me for not maintaining a bit more self control...

I began reading the "The Omnivore's Dilemma". This is a fascinating book and has me really rethinking everything I eat. I knew corn was fairly pervasive in the food chain but I had no idea just how totally pervasive it really is. This book reads a bit like a Stephen King novel when you get started with it. Corn, it turns out, is downright creepy!!

In addition to reading, I've been doing a bit of swiming and biking and running and crossfitting.

Ran a 5K race last weekend — Snow Dash in East Hartford. My husband and I both ran it. Super proud of my husband as he sort of trained for it and PR'd his 5k time. My race wasn't too impressive but we had fun and it was for a good cause.

Revisited one of the first CF workouts I did last year in March:
AMRAP 20 minutes:5 burpees, 7 pushups, 9 squats
January 11, 2011
Completed 16 full rounds plus 3 burpees
March 9, 2010:
Completed 9 reps minus 3 pushups

Did dead lifts the other night and was able to work up to 208 which is my current PR. Got 208 twice and worked back down to 138. 13 deads in all. Felt good. I actually like doing these... weird I know.

Today ran a 5K for time. Finished in 25:14. Held an 8ish minute mile pace. Had to stop twice though (not included in total time). Goal in the next couple of months is to hold 8mm pace without stopping!

I'll be using both last year's plan and the CF and CFE sites for workouts.


  1. nice new blog layout! Glad to hear your backkkkk!!

  2. Way to go Pam, you are one of the reasons I got myself into IMLP. Thanks again for being so inspirational. I'll be seeing you at Rev3 again!