Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Easing back in

Well its four weeks since IMAZ and it is truly a distant memory at this point. The race was a great experience and the trip with my husband and son was even better. We will remember our first look at the Grand Canyon and the red rocks of Sedona for a very long time.

I'm getting antsy to get back to training but am trying to hold off doing much intensity for a couple more weeks. I have been doing a some strength workouts, some riding outside on my road bike as the weather allows, a little swimming just this past weekend and a couple of runs. Additionally, I've been joining my husband in kick boxing class on Sunday mornings. Okay this is a pretty intense workout, but its super fun and so different from what I normally do.

Ran 5 miles on the treadmill last night because I needed to burn some calories. Also did 5 sets of 3 back squats. So just trying to get back into it with some strength and cardio — keeping the holiday poundage at bay.

My goals for the "off season" will be to trim a few pounds. This was one of the things that eluded me this past season. I would like to be about 8-10 lbs. lighter for my first big race next season (early June??) We'll see... Additionally, I'd like to work on my run speed. I feel like I was really starting to turn the corner on this just before IMAZ. It took most of this past season to adjust to training differently, but I think I can really start to capitalize on the crossfit endurance protocol in 2011.

I plan to run a couple of 5ks, a 10k and a half mary or two early in 2011 to gauge progress. Also thinking to do 2 or 3 half irons and maybe a marathon if it works out from timing and recovery perspective. I have not nailed down specific races yet but have a few in mind. I will likely hit Rev3 again as I need to get right with that one :). Beach to battleship is in the back of mind as well (full 140.6, but its likely I'll hold off until 2012.

I'm not done with the Ironman thing yet. I'd might like to go back to AZ or LP, but maybe hit CDA too. Then, of course... there's always Kona. At some point, I will start dropping my hat into the lottery to see if I can get lucky :)


  1. welcome back woman! great to have you on here again! You future plans sound fantastic and totally doable. When I started zoning I lost weight fast, like 2 pounds a week. So could be an option for you . Im registered for eagleman is this year and I am also considering beach to battleship as some of my friends are doing it. But because of the surgery that may have to be 2012 race. I do want to do an actual ironman also. will decide which one and where when i see how this foot recovery thing goes.

  2. Pam,

    Glad to hear you had a good time in AZ. I love it out there - I get out there about every other year to visit my parents. I'm going to stay for Thanksgiving after IMAZ.

    I'm not sure how many IM's I have in me, but I totally understand the feeling of not being done with it yet. I only did one and now I have two more planned (IMAZ in 2011 and LP in 2012).

    As far as losing weight - I did well on The Zone and even better on Paleo. I'm off diet right now and it definately shows - going to start up strict again January 1 (damn holidays!).

    Stay well, stay fit and lets do a ride or run together one of these days.