Sunday, January 16, 2011

kickboxing, swimming and snowshoeing — perfect day!

Started the day with kickbox cardio class. This is so much fun! Lots of punching, kicking and jumping and trying to move in ways that are so different from swim, bike, run. I struggle with keeping up with the punch sequences and prolly look like a total gumbatz, but I don't care — its fun! There were maybe three times as many people in the class this morning as there has been since I started with it in early December. Yikes! Nobody lost their teeth. The class is pretty intense... so intense that one participant left the room to throw up :). Hah... if you can't take the heat... ;). The gal that teaches this really makes it fun and challenging. Music is great and just an all around good time. She ends with some just painful ab work — great stuff to the tune of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and then some nice yoga stretching and cool down.

After class, I hit the pool. Forgot my watch so just worked on form things.

300 WU
4x50 DR Catch up
8x25 DR Catch up w/PB
300 MS (no watch so no time)
100 CD (50 back, 50 breast)

Trying to teach myself the backstroke so I can do it as a regular part of my swim workouts. I think it'll be better for the shoulders.

After the Y and some lunch, me and Sully and Sadie headed out for a nice explore in the meadows along the CT River behind our house. Such a beautiful day — bright sunshine, perfect temps, lots of snow! Snowshoes made the trek a little easier, but the snow was deep and powdery.

Activities like this are where I really see the all over fitness that results from crossfitting. It was tough to trudge through fields of snow two feet deep, but it was fun and I enjoyed the workout.

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  1. I used to be a competitive kickboxer. It is tons of fun. Do you ever get to actually punch od kick somethine like pads or a bag in this class? I want to try snowshoeing next winter when my foots heals up.